It's Time To Put More Time And Effort Into Your PR!

Dedicate more focused time to growing your reputation, growing your audience and becoming the ‘go-to’ person for your ideal clients.

What Really Makes This Membership So Special?

Experience real-time Q&As and PR guidance AT YOUR FINGERTIPS with The Press Room – a game-changing investment that lets members power through their work without pausing to Google PR answers.

Imagine this: NO MORE halting your pitch momentum to search for PR solutions. I've got you covered!

But wait, there's more: Dive into the spotlight WEEKLY by sharing your pitch with me. I will then personally present it to journalists on your behalf!

Think about it – it's like having a personal publicist, MINUS the hefty cost.

Feeling like a DIY PR pro but struggling to EXECUTE your stellar PR plan? Look no further than The Press Room!

Join us to unleash your PR potential. You won't be alone – our members and I will be right there in the PR trenches with you, EVERY SINGLE WEEK!

Welcome to The Working Room

The Working Room is a simple but very effective co-working, inspiration and ideas membership for entrepreneurs who know they need to dedicate more focus time and structure to PR.

When you’re already struggling to wear all hats in your business, I can almost guarantee that you aren’t spending enough time on your PR.

You need to start being visible and I can help you do that with pitching support, ideas, prompts and co-working. And the best bit: you can get started for free!

In The Working Room, I’m giving you the dedicated time every week to do your PR. Plus, ideas, done-for-you support and accountability to make it a success.

Your Membership Perks

A Simple But Effective Toolkit:


Work on your PR alongside other committed entrepreneurs in the co-working room.

Ideas To Your Inbox

Twice a week, you'll receive an email with a PR prompt to implement straight away.

Pitching Service

Submit your press pitch once a week and I'll pitch it in a PR & Journalist pitching group on your behalf!

Contact Directory

You'll have access to a directory of journalist and podcast host contact details to pitch to. Each one will even tell you what they want pitched!


Grow your existing PR & marketing skills with monthly lessons from experts in their field.

How Does The

Co-Working Room Work?

Once a week you’ll have access to the co-working room.

These highly effective sessions are designed to keep you on a regular schedule where you’ll only work on your PR.

By joining the co-working room you are fully committing to spend an hour of focus time solely on your PR. Turn off all notifications and close the other tabs - we will all be working with you!

You have the added bonus of being able to ask real-time PR questions whilst you work - no Googling as you go! Either ask me questions in the chat or ask for a break-out room with me for more in-depth conversation and ideas!

Highly successful entrepreneurs are great at time-blocking, managing their time and sticking to set tasks. Not switching from one job to the next (where nothing gets finished).

After each co-working session, you can feel a great sense of relief to know that you’ve got that job ticked off your list and you’re another step closer to business success.

How Do The Prompts Work?

As a member of The Working Room, you will receive twice-weekly email prompts that will keep you visible.

You can work on your strategy and I'll fuel it with ideas. You'll never miss a trick!


- Awards deadlines

- Awareness Days

- Trends that you should comment on

- Podcast pitching prompts

- Reactive PR prompts

- Journalist nurturing prompts

Who’s A Good Fit For The Working Room?

All service-based business owners who want ongoing support with their PR. You need PR questions answered.

Small business owners who want to grow their existing PR and marketing (from the guest experts) knowledge. You need ideas and inspiration.

Those who are already doing their own PR but are not very good at actually doing the work! You need a kick up the bum!

Entrepreneurs who lack direction and any real plan for their PR. You need structure.

Who Is This Not For?

The Press Room is not for people who have no knowledge of how to pitch to the press. A basic knowledge of DIY PR is a minimum requirement.

A little about me

I'm Amy and I am the founder of The Working Room.

I started my PR career about 15 years ago, in the corporate sector, looking after the reputation and visibility of big brands.

I'm an introvert at heart but it wasn't long before the buzz of publicity took hold of me. Now I'm totally hooked on helping small business owners get really visible in front of their perfect clients!

My clients and students have been featured in almost all major UK publications and many mainstream TV channels. I've taught hundreds how to be seen everywhere!

I live in Kent with my family and pet cat, Blue!


£ 25/m

  • Exclusive PR Co-Working Room Access
  • Done For You Pitching
  • Twice-Weekly PR Prompts To Your Inbox
  • Monthly Guest Expert Training
  • Directory Access To Journalists & Podcast Hosts


Join now for instant access to an all-inclusive toolkit and unwavering expert PR support and advice. No more guesswork – just tangible results. Elevate your PR game today!

Frequently Asked Questions

When are the co-working calls?

The co-working calls are on Tuesdays. Each week they will alternate between a 10am-11am slot and a

1pm-2pm slot.

Where are the calls held?

The calls will be held on Zoom.

How do the calls work?

You can arrive 10 minutes early for any calls and use this time to get advice or bounce ideas. The working time will then begin on the hour with all participants muted. A chat box will be open so that you can continue to ask questions, get help or ask for ideas. If you want to discuss these openly, you can use the breakout room to move away from the main call.

Do I need to have my camera in the co-working room?

No, you do not need to have your camera on. Some people will and some won't.

What about sound?

After our 10-minute advice and welcome time at the start of the call, I will mute every person. Please make sure you keep your profile on mute for the whole call.

How should I use the Zoom screen when I'm on a co-working call?

I suggest that you use two windows on your screen. Have your work and tabs in one window and the Zoom screen in the other. This way you can see your working buddies if you want to. Look in the top right corner of your screen and you'll usually find the options to split your screen or use different working windows.

Will the call links remain the same each week?

The call links are in the student area and you will use the same one every week. I will email you a new password every week and this will grant you access.

Can I come into the working room late?

Yes, you can come in at any time. Just make sure you mute yourself!

Will the calls be recorded?

The co-working calls will not be recorded, no. What goes on in the calls, stays in these calls!

What can I share in the Facebook community?

The community is a place for you to connect with others, collaborate and get ideas! Feel free to share advice or tips in the group and ask for help. All I ask is that you don't sell your offers or freebies as the group will quickly become a spam-fest!